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Join a community of women all on a path to find their "what's next" one day at a time.

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A Daily Practice

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What is A Daily Practice?

A Daily Practice is a community of moms in middle life who have mothered the heck out of their lives and are now ready to make themselves a priority, but struggle with where to begin. Here we work to build practices and habits for self-care, self-love, creativity, balance, energy, and igniting passion, as part of a supportive community of women who are on the same journey so that we can DREAM BIG, implement small and:

 live a more fulfilling life full of spark, passion and purpose, 

do work we love, and 

become a better mom, wife, friend and community member.

The community is currently open for our new May theme BALANCE: Learning How to Roll with the Punches. But we are only open until May 2nd!

Should You Join Us?

If any of these sound familiar, you are in the right spot!

You know that there is something "more" for you out there, but not sure what.

You know you want a change, but don't know where to start.

You have spent so much time taking care of everyone else for so long, you don't know how to stop.

You tend to live your life within the tiny cracks remaining after meeting everyone else's needs first

At the end of any given day, you have nothing left to give yourself. 

Yeah...us too. 

If you are ready to take an active role in your life. Ready to begin writing your next chapter in your voice with your visions, dreams and goals. Then you have found yourself in the right place! 

What Our Members Are Saying.

"I wouldn't be at this point without this community!!! Or at least it would have taken me two more years to get here on my own!" --Jennifer, Senior Project Manager

Todays group session was SO inspiring.  A LOT of what you ask us really challenges me, I've never thought about vision, intention, values. The group of ladies assembled here, you, your vision, is what I need right now to keep me afloat mindfully, focus on the important things like myself, what's next for me. --Wendy, Seamstress

 "I never would have thought that by putting less on my plate I would actually accomplish more." --Melissa, Artist

What Can You Expect?

Here in A Daily Practice we work towards our transformation faster than if we were to journey alone. Joining together in A Daily Practice with the tools provided in the Daily Practice: Masterclass provides you:

Weekly live sessions to come together as a community to learn together, share your experiences, set your intentions and spark your creativity in a group coaching format with Mentor Jennessa Durrani.

Monthly themes for focused practice building

Weekly challenges to keep you engaged and put your new skills into practice


Daily actions where you can connect first hand within this amazing community of women!

How This Works?

A Daily Practice is currently open until our first live session on May 2nd for new membership and comes bundled with the Daily Practice: Masterclass. No matter where you jump in, you have access to all of the content prior to joining. All live sessions are recorded and posted, along with all other learning tools, challenges, and discussion.

Each month we work on a new monthly theme. 

May's theme: "BALANCE: Learning to Roll with the Punches" 

We have weekly live group sessions facilitated by our Mentor, Jennessa Durrani, each Sunday at 5 PM EST AND Tuesday at 6 PM (you choose) that are recorded in case you want to reference it again, or miss it.

Week 1: Intention Setting | Week 2: Deep Dive/Guest Speaker

Week 3: Sharing Circle | Week 4: Guided Creative Hangout

Every Wednesday you will receive a new weekly challenge that helps build skills around the monthly theme. These not only help build your practice, they provide you another way to stay focused on yourself!

And every day there are new daily actions, threads, and polls posted by Jennessa and your other community members that provide you a daily check in for sharing brilliance!

Are Your Ready to Invest in You?

A Daily Practice is an amazing group of women that are ready for their what's next. They have made the choice to make themselves a priority. Are you ready?

To join this community you are investing:

1 hour per week

10 minutes and less than $1 per day

To get to your dream. To create your vision. To build practices for self care, self love, creativity and passion. 

You're worth it!

Join Us Today!

You stand at choice. 

You can continue to live on everyone else's terms, putting your dreams on hold, having nothing else to give yourself at the end of each day.

Or you can join us and take that first step on your journey to you. To your dreams, your visions, meeting your goals...one day at a time.

Can't wait to see you inside!

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