Welcome to A Daily Practice

Join us to find your value and meaning outside of motherhood AND the energy to pursue it.

Are you squeezing your personal goals and dreams in between errands and algebra homework? Drivers' Ed and SAT prep? College visits and sports camps? Yeah, we see you!

What is A Daily Practice?

A Daily Practice is the first step in applying your caring spirit to yourself by joining a community of personal goal enablers. We dream big and implement small to make the most of our busy days. It's fun. It's meaningful. It's where generosity and gratitude come together.

Here we work to create practices that build structure, accountability and confidenceand keep focus and a sense of purpose alive, as part of a supportive community of women who are on the same path so that we can:

 break busy and become more effective,

find value and meaning in a role of our choosing, 

say yes to what matters most, and no to what doesn't, and 

become a better mom, wife, friend and community member.

What's Inside?

Everyone that joins the Daily Practice Community receives daily inspiration and access to an amazing group of like hearted women--all on a journey to themselves. Within the community we do weekly intention setting, daily check ins, and weekly wins and celebrations. There are also opportunities to join some live small group gatherings with mentor and host Jennessa Durrani.
A Daily Practice is currently free to join.

We also have the Happy Mail Circle subscription. This is for women that want to strengthen their connections with those that they love and appreciate by creating a weekly happy mail practice. We send a monthly package of 4 beautiful 5x7 frameable art postcards WITH the postage for you to send joy and gratitude out into the world!

What You'll Experience?

The best group of midlife moms on the Internet who will link elbows with you and march forward -- dreaming, sharing, and laughing along the way. 

What Our Members Are Saying as to Why They Are Here?

To find the best version of myself and stop trying to do it all. --EM

To connect with other women who are experiencing similar journeys and continuing my creative practice in new ways. --MF

To meet new people and start to build a support network. --SK

To find direction and develop accountability. To form a daily routine that helps me achieve calm and confidence. --PC

To find me again. --LK

To find focused time for myself and support from a community. --MM

To find my what's next. --RK

To get boosts of encouragement, reassurance and wisdom by sharing our collective and individual experiences in our journeys. --BB

Are Your Ready to Take the First Step to You?

Join A Daily Practice to lift your dreams out of the in-between and make space for you. With us. Right now.

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