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Find your meaning outside of motherhood AND the energy to pursue it in just 10 minutes a day.

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Are you squeezing your personal goals and dreams in between errands and algebra homework? Drivers' Ed and SAT prep? College visits and sports camps? Yeah, we see you!

What is A Daily Practice?

As mothers we have a daily mantra..."tomorrow, I'll have time to focus on me." And if you are like me, you've experienced more than 6,000 tomorrows and are STILL holding onto the hope that the day for YOU is just around the corner.

Tomorrow has always looked better, because today is always filled with everyone else's priorities. Today you are working in the tiny cracks of time that is left over after meeting everyone else's needs. And if we can't have the whole day, we'll just hold out. 

Our perfectionism keeps us stuck...we only see all or nothing.

But what might your life look like if you were able to utilize those tiny cracks. To stop looking for the perfect situation. The perfect day. And just start right now. Today. 

What's Possible Here?

What if you could leverage a community of like hearted, goal enabling women and dedicated 10 minutes each day to work towards your meaning, value, purpose and/or fulfilling work?

This is what's possible:

You can start each day with intention.
You can align your life with what matters most.
You can see the beauty in the preparations and not the work.
You can appreciate the little details.
You can rest each evening.
You can find more mindfulness and calm.
You can spark your creativity (yes, you ARE creative).
You can have more patience.
You can have more time to just be...to daydream.
You can find fulfilling work in the world.
You can share your gifts with those that matter most to you.
You can be a better mom, partner, friend, and community member.

You can feel refreshed and no depleted.

Our Big Purpose

Here we work to create practices that build structure, accountability and confidenceand keep focus and a sense of purpose alive, as part of a supportive community of women who are on the same path so that we can:

 break busy and become more effective,

find value and meaning in a role of our choosing, 

say yes to what matters most, and no to what doesn't, and 

become a better mom, wife, friend and community member.

What's Inside?

Inside A Daily Practice is your road map to you and your what's next with every milestone laid out for you to follow. #easypeasy. You are welcomed into our lobby with a 10 step jumpstart to meet you right where you are. Through the first 10 steps you will have a sound daily practice in place and a clear understanding of what you need MORE of right now.

Time. Energy. Creativity.

To help you find MORE time, MORE energy, or MORE creativity we have created the Galleries of MORE. Each gallery is jam packed with exercises, journal prompts, videos, done for you worksheets and trackers to provide you every step along your journey.

The doors open to the Galleries of MORE on April 1, 2023!

What You'll Experience?

The best group of midlife moms on the Internet who will link elbows with you and march forward -- dreaming, sharing, and laughing along the way. 

I'm a recovering perfectionist and was standing in my own way. Jennessa held a mirror up to me so that I could see that. She takes things to heart and just wants others to succeed. And that makes you want to be around her. -Jennifer, Project Manager, Mother of 3

It was what I was looking for at this time in my life. A community where I was accountable as I figure out my next steps. -Sarah, Business Manager, Mother of 3

Are Your Ready to Take the First Step to You?

Join A Daily Practice to lift your dreams out of the in-between and make space for you. With us. Right now.

Doors will reopen April 1st!

Click here to join the waiting list so you will be notified as soon as the Galleries of MORE are open!
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